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I am so excited about a new weekly post I will have I am calling Mom Mondays. I will be interviewing a different mom each week with a handful of questions to provide different perspectives on how they live their life. Stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, moms who have adopted, moms who are fostering, and many many more. The idea came from wanting to get many different opinions about ways to parent in different scenarios as I was trying to figure everything out. Although I didn’t take every piece of advice I received over time, it was so nice to hear how other moms approach situations.

To kick things off, my sister n law, Ashley, answered some questions about her role as a mom to her sweet kiddos, Russel age 3 1/2, and Elsie age 1 1/2. After she had Elsie, she decided to stay home with her kids full time. Ashley is so creative with filling their days with fun things for the kids to do. They are always going somewhere or doing something whether its singing songs and dancing around their house or visiting the zoo or Grant’s Farm when its nice out. She has been so helpful since I have become a mom and I of course adore her kids. Enjoy her responses and send me a DM if you are interested in doing an interview with me for Mom Mondays!


K: How did you decide you wanted to be a stay at home mom?

A: I decided that I wanted to be a stay at home mom because my heart was no longer in my job (preschool teacher).  I was never fully giving myself to my students because I was always thinking about Russ.  It wasn’t fair to my students and I hated that I was missing so much of Russell’s early years.  I knew once Elsie was born that it would be even harder to be away from my kids and that my students would get that much less of me.  My heart was at home and that is where I wanted to be.

K: What does being a mom mean to you?

A: It means loving my children with all of my heart and soul.

K: What has been the biggest challenge of being a mom?

A: he biggest challenge of being a mom is finding the balance between being a mom and being myself.  I struggle to do anything for myself or by myself without feeling guilty.  I feel as if I always need to wear the Mom hat and never wear my Ashley hat.  Being a stay at home Mom has helped with this some but I still struggle.

K: What is the one product you cannot live without?

A: Is coffee a product lol.  I just recently started using dry shampoo and I am obsessed.  Lets face it.. I don’t get to shower everyday so dry shampoo helps me to look and feel fresh.

K: What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?

A: Dance and sing!  I love singing and dancing and being silly with my kids.  Our current soundtrack on repeat is Trolls.

K: What child care exists for your kids?

A: Russ goes to preschool M, W, & F from 9:00-12:30.  Elsie attends Mopettes twice per month (that is when she will actually separate from me).

K: How did you choose that?

A: I went to social media to find a good preschool for 2 year olds and St. Lucas was suggested.  We LOVE it.

K: What do you wish moms talked more about?

A: How tough it is being a mom sometimes.  Sometimes other moms on facebook make being a Mom look so easy and it discourages me and makes me feel that I am a subpar Mom.

K: What surprised you most about being a mom?

A: The incredible, overwhelming feeling of love you have for these tiny humans.  I knew I would love them but I never realized how all encompassing it would be.

K: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a mom?

A: The transition from 1 to 2 was very difficult for me.  I never felt like I was being the best mom to either of them.  In the beginning I didn’t know how to simultaneously give them both attention.  As they have gotten older it has gotten easier but it is still tough some days.

K: What do you do to relax?

A: I exercise, watch tv with my husband, craft, and drink wine!


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