I’m Back!

Lordy, the beginning of this year has been nuts! Honestly, I was sick in early February and feel like it took me FOREVER to get back into life. We travelled to West Virginia for Alex’s birthday and then we have been constantly moving since then. My grandma passed away mid-March and with Easter and her funeral plans, we have all been on the move with trips back and forth to KC and Wichita, while also having visitors here in STL.

Needless to say, William has been a little off his rocker. I am so not a routine oriented person which has made it hard for me to realize that he really is…or that the terrible two’s have come early and we are all in for a treat over the next few months. I just realized that he is also going through a leap and this along with the crazy schedule we have had could absolutely be the source of his grumpy moods and full on tantrums, but this momma is exhausted. I’ve found myself reading everything on how to reason with a one year old who cannot yet communicate with me. I’ll let you know if anything works but for now I’m keeping him behind closed doors because he is a terror…I’m kidding…kind of.

Alex is traveling for work this week, so I am taking it as an opportunity to get back to normal. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s so I am pumped to get out of the house and get some fresh air and additional exercise with Maisy. She has also suffered this winter, gaining some extra lbs we are trying to pull off of her. I worry about her hips and joints, so am trying not to let her eat the numerous treats William gives her. When she is at my parents house, she is outside most of the time running around in their backyard which means she is already slimming down 🙂  One of our favorite things to do is get out for hikes, so hoping the weather stays nice!

So…hopefully I’m back at it for the foreseeable future after this slight down time! Thanks to so many of you for all of your sweet comments and support wondering when I would be back at it. It means so much and gives me a lot of encouragement to keep up with something that is really fun for me, but also a lot of work! 🙂  

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