Weight Loss/Fitness Update

It’s been 4 full months since I have really been paying attention to the food I’m putting in my body in hopes of seeing some sort of result. After January, I decided to not weigh myself for a while because I tend to see pretty drastic fluctuations from one day to the next and I would just get frustrated that I wasn’t where I thought I should be. Well, as of this morning, I’ve lost a total of 16 pounds.

That’s how much I assumed I would lose in one month….not four. So after feeling discouraged I reminded myself that I have made some strides and bigger changes in some other areas:

  1. I can run consistently with interval increases for 40 minutes. I remember being so proud of myself when I was able to make it to 20 minutes. Now that I am running at a minimum for 40 minutes, I can feel myself getting stronger and my endurance increasing quite a bit.
  2. All of my clothes fit better. Things I would avoid or that didn’t fit at all finally do and everything looks better.
  3. I have been way more consistent with how much I work out and finding unique ways to fit in my workouts vs. not doing it at all. Alex and I really work together to find time for one of us to do it in the morning and the other at night so someone is on William duty. Throughout the month of April I had multiple days where I got all my rings around for multiple days in a row so I call that a win regardless of the weight loss.
  4. Instead of letting one bad week get me down, I would pick up where I left off and get it together. In the past, I would really let the one bad day turn into multiple. Now I’m trying to move on from a little too much partying or lots of fried food with a swift kick in the booty and a harder workout.

Some changes I made really seemed to make an impact vs. some others that definitely didn’t.

  1. I cannot do “diets”. I tried not eating carbs and came out of that eating triple the amount of carbs I normally would. I tried not eating sugar and I came out in the same way – finding every sweet that has ever existed in our house and demolishing it. It’s unrealistic for me to take 30 days off of drinking, because I know I am eventually going to drink again, so finding ways to incorporate the “bad” in moderation has been key for me.
  2. Counting calories works for me. I try to keep myfitnesspal updated as best as I can consuming no more than 1400 calories a day – including alcohol. When I do that, I feel much better and can sense more of an impact to my weight. If I eat more one day, I try to get the next day in check so each day evens out by the end of the week.
  3. I try to get in 15000 steps a day and burn closer to 1200 calories vs. only 10,000 steps and the 670 calorie my watch has set for me. This means longer work outs and at a higher impact.
  4. I started taking a pre-workout. I have never done this before but whether or not it’s a placebo effect or actually working, I have loved it. I will say that I do get a tingling sensation for about 5 minutes after starting my workout…but it goes away pretty fast and I feel stronger. I just bought wm nutrition after seeing another blogger reco it and I do like it. I haven’t tried any others though so I honestly have nothing to compare it to. Let me know if any of you try it and feel the same way I do!
  5. I was going to start BBG….4 months ago….but I honestly dreaded the workouts and found them to be really boring. I do see such amazing results from others who have done it so I’m starting it back up again and hope to provide before and after transformations if I’m happy with the results in 8 weeks.

All in all, in the past if I let my weight slip I would jump into working out consistently and watching what I ate and would literally see the weight come off immediately. It’s so hard now. I’m not sure if it is a metabolism thing in my 30’s or if William is to blame but I guess it just takes a while. Even though it hasn’t been as fast as I would like, I am remaining positive, testing out a few things through May/June so that swimsuit season doesn’t knock me on ass. More to come 🙂

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