33 Thoughts at 33

I LOVE my birthday and I have loved it regardless how old I get. When I was in 2nd grade, our teachers had us draw a picture of our favorite holiday and I drew a birthday cake. Probably because my parents made it so special for us – our birthdays were always above and beyond and we seriously looked forward to them for the entire year. As I enter my 33rd year, I took time to reflect back on how lucky I am, things I hope to accomplish and strides I’ve already made. So…here you have it. 33 random thoughts at 33. If anything, I really see my birthday as another opportunity to start the year fresh and focus on the year ahead which is always encouraging 🙂

  1. Hangovers in your 30’s are not even comparable to your 20’s. The only thing that works is a hair of the dog and now you’ve started a vicious cycle
  2. Dogs bring the most joy. Everyone needs a dog.
  3. Stress is personal and situational. Someone who never has to work a day in their life because of an inherited fortune can be just as stressed as someone who has to work their booty off to put food on the table.
  4. Women need to spend more time empowering each other and less time competing.
  5. However, a little competition is good. I’ve become a better person because I try to be better than I was the day before and look up to strong humans to help me push harder.
  6. Our current president is a complete idiot.
  7. Aperol Spritz is the only drink that will get my husband to have a drink with me at noon on a Sunday.
  8. Money doesn’t equal immediate happiness…but it helps.
  9. I feel so lucky for many reasons but number one has to be the unconditional love I get from my husband. The constant support and recognition that I get from him makes me so happy.
  10. Empathy has quickly become my favorite quality in someone.
  11. One of my main goals is to become less judgemental…and have more patience.
  12. I love being a working mom but a part of me always wonders if I will regret it in the long run. There is this level of FOMO that is hard to shake.
  13. Celebrate everything. Who knows when you won’t have an opportunity to celebrate it.
  14. Life is short…but it is also long. Take risks but also take care of yourself so you can enjoy the long life you are given.
  15. The best way to tell who someone really is, is to watch how they treat those who are serving them. If they are rude and mean there is something seriously wrong with them. Before writing them off, question why they are that way – they have to learn it from somewhere.
  16. Helping those less fortunate than me is something I need to be better about.
  17. Life is made up of doing things you don’t want to do. Actually doing them makes us better people.
  18. My all time favorite show ever is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It is fantastic.
  19. When I travel, I sometimes miss my dog more than my husband and child.
  20. I’m the WORST at budgeting. If I have it, I want to spend it.
  21. A part of me wants 4 more kids and another part of me wants to be done with William. I imagine we will stop at somewhere in between.
  22. I don’t ever remember having a hobby. I am working on photography and gardening today.
  23. My best friends in the entire world are from high school. I don’t anticipate that changing but it makes me so thankful that even though I’m not in KC full time, we pick right back up where we left off when I see them.
  24. I HATED St. Louis when I moved here. It’s grown on me but three main factors kept me here when I was ready to leave. 1. Our home. 2. My OB (sounds weird but she became such a support system for me). 3. Our community (church, neighborhood, etc.)
  25. I want a corgi to complement Maisy. Crossing my fingers that Christmas is the day my dreams come true (hint: ALEX).
  26. MaryKate and Ashley Olsen are still the best and still my favorites.
  27. Blogging is freakin hard. Not something that can be a casual pastime. I learned that pretty quickly but am hoping to pick it up more regularly this year.
  28. If I could pick another career path, it would probably be as some sort of skin doctor. Or in design. I like high level creativity and get frustrated with the details. I.e. why the skin doctor situation would probably not work out.
  29. My favorite food is pizza and I’m so excited about that meal tonight for my birthday because I try to limit it in my diet.
  30. I’ve learned from having a diverse group of friends that not everything needs to be a movement. There are some serious issues with our world right now, more specifically with US society, but we still need to live our lives and not take offence to every politically incorrect statement. That is part of the problem in my mind.
  31. One of my biggest fears is that I will pass my anxiety on to my kids.
  32. I literally would not have anything that I have if it were not for my parents. They are the two best people in the entire world and every time I try to tell them that I have to stop because I would sob the whole time. I’m so thankful for them.
  33. Aging is a weird thing. I would like to think that I can do it gracefully but a part of me also feels like I just haven’t done enough as each year passes. I’m attempting to live more in the moment and be content with my life vs. always striving for more than what I currently have. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to do more, but I like to think that what I’ve done so far is enough at this point – I just have to convince myself that’s true 🙂

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