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Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspiration

I’ve never described myself as a creative person. Art class was my worst class and least favorite. I was horrible at dance and always moved more toward sports that require little to no coordination. All of my professional positions have emphasized math and budgets with little “artistic” needs. Writing has always been the only creative quality I have had and perhaps the reason why I threw myself head first into the blog writing world. I’m comfortable there, but insecure and lacking confidence with everything else. With that said, I have come out of my comfort zone and found things I really enjoy on the more creative side. While not perfect, I like to think I’m growing a talent that was once non-existent. Spreadsheets and planning tools have transformed into mood boards and collages. It has helped me visualize what I want to see and how to see some of my posts come to life.

When we found out we were having a little girl, I was over-the-moon excited, but also overwhelmed with the thought of having to recreate the space we had built for William. Alex and I tend to be more impulsive and focused on getting the job done vs. doing it exactly how we want. This causes us to do, and redo a lot of what we have done to the house. So, for baby girl’s room, I want to take my time and really think about how I want the space to come to life. We kept William in our room until around 6-7 months, and will most likely do the same with her, but we also want her to spend more time there napping and getting used to “her” space. A mistake I think we made with William. As you all are very well aware…our space is William’s and William’s space is William’s. Either way, outside of wanting to potentially do newborn pictures in her room, we have time to decide what we want and how we hope it comes together.

I originally thought I wanted floral and super girly, and then went full other side of the spectrum with clean whites and grays, back to girly with pinks and lavenders and even trying to incorporate unique ways of girly pinks with something more “boyish” like dinosaurs. Instead of trying so hard, I started to pull things that I really started to love from professionally done nurseries and ended up with this below. We are keeping bigger pieces that we already have (rocker, crib, dresser) and focusing more on changing the “room dynamic” than needing to get all new stuff.

I want to keep it clean with whites and pale pinks. We have some pretty dark wood in the room that will remain so by keeping most of what we add white, I’m hoping the dark wood doesn’t look too harsh with smoother, lighter textures.

Outside of creating this collage of ideas, I scoured nurseries from some of my favorite sources as seen below. If you are looking for inspiration, these were definitely some of the best that I found to help get my non-existent creativity flowing. There are so many more examples then what I have included here. I will be sure to do a follow up once completed so you all can see if we used anything like what I’ve put together here. Wish us luck!

Oilo Studies – have some of the best put together nurseries.

Oilo Llama collection – what made me consider doing all neutral – also inspired the plant
Oilo – Inkfawn collection – I LOVE the grays with subtle girly things like floral and hints of pink
Oilo – Capri – what really brought me back to the pink

Serena & Lily – where I actually have pulled a lot of what I want to purchase for baby girl’s nursery (light fixture, wallpaper)

Serena & Lily – On the Sweet Side
Serena & Lily – Born Traveler – makes me want to redo William’s room and buy a hanging chair for all rooms in our house

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  • Ashley

    I love your style Kel! I think you are so creative! Can’t wait to see baby girls room come together!

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