A Few of My Favorite Things – Spring Wardrobe & Skincare

A few of my favorite things…I’m starting to compile some of the best things that I have found over the last few weeks, especially as we move into spring. All I want to do right now is shop. I think it’s the changing seasons and the fact that we are finally seeing sunshine for the first time in months and can walk outside without a parka on. Today – all about my favorite non-maternity items I’m purchasing for after the baby and skincare products I’m using day in and day out. I am also doing a whole post on where I shop for all of William’s cute clothes, what I have purchased for baby girl and all of the home items that we are buying right now. Those will be coming later this week 🙂

You probably saw my purging obsession right now – I’m getting rid of so many things that I haven’t worn in years, which opens up the opportunity for more stuff…

The same thing happened with William. I hit a point in my pregnancy – usually around the 3rd trimester – where I just could not shop for any more maternity clothes. Such a different feeling than when I first find out I’m pregnant and all I want are maternity clothes. But it’s almost me saying, I’m done with my pregnancy and I am going to prepare myself for life to come and the new mom bod I plan to work hard on. I’ve hit that point and I have started trying to find things that I know for a fact will fit me after this baby comes. Think: flowy dresses and baggy shirts, leggings and high waisted pull on pants, one-piece swimsuits. No back or side zippers, only jeans that are of the “jegging” variety and nothing form fitting whatsoever. I still can’t believe that my maternity leave happens to be over the summer so I am crossing my fingers that we can take lots of walks and get out of the house during the day – a 180 from William’s maternity leave which started in the month of November and lasted through the height of flu season and confined us to the house for dark days and darker nights. I’ve been searching for good “work out” clothes and lounge wear to help motivate me to move (slowly, I realize I will need to heal) and have found some good, cheap options from Amazon. Also, does anyone else shop at American Eagle and Abercrombie? I feel so weird saying that but they have some cute options these days – and for the same prices we were willing to pay when we exclusively bought clothes from there when we were teenagers…who knew!?

  • Workout stuff from Amazon & a cute pair of leggings from Gap
    • Work out tanks – this is my dream work out top. It’s baggy and thin and if I haven’t worked out in a year, it still makes me feel confident running when I look like I haven’t run…ever…in my whole life. I plan on living in these this summer, and honestly they are pregnancy friendly right now for the most part.
    • I also love this razorback version
    • Workout pants – I only wear leggings to work out in. Just my preference but I don’t remember the last time I put on a pair of shorts to go for a run. These are good for the price and I don’t feel like I have to do laundry the minute I finish a workout since the price allows me to have more than one pair
  • Workout leggings from Gap – I ordered these because the look exactly like a designer pair I saw for like $180, but for like $45. Don’t purchase them unless they are 40% off – which today they have with the code: FRIEND plus an additional 10% off with code YOURS. I’m doing a whole post on why I like Gap (and others) for William’s stuff but today is a great day to stock up on spring stuff if you also like their toddler/baby clothes.
  • Summer shoes from Target
    • I’m not a huge fan of Target clothes for myself. Sometimes I exclusively shop there for William, but I find that the clothes for me are not great quality and don’t fit me well so I tend to not waste my time-just my preference. I see plenty of people with super cute things – it just doesn’t typically work for me. With that said, I do like their shoes. Often times, there are designer knock offs for at least half the price and they look so similar that they are worth the cheaper price. I also don’t love Target’s website. I don’t know what it is but I don’t feel like I can find things as easily as I can other places. Take me in store though…game over.
    • I bought these three pairs for the spring because I honestly couldn’t decide
      • I ordered the Cognac color in these and I reco sizing up a half size
      • These are the cutest and most comfortable of the three in my opinion – I ordered my regular size in the leopard print and they fit perfectly
      • I ordered the tan color in these and sized up a half size. Also super cute with pants or a dress
  • Spring Looks
    • American Eagle – everything below is on sale
      • This shirt & these shorts: I’m actually living in this now – even pregnant, it is super comfy and easy to wear  and I was able to get my normal size
      • I bought this swimsuit for the summer – I like it because there is coverage everywhere
      • These pull on shorts – actually not on sale (sorry) but still a good price at $34
      • These high waisted pull on pants (clearly I like olive this year) – would be so cute with a bodysuit or fitted tank and are less than $20
      • I also moved exclusively to AE underwear – it is so comfy and good quality
    • H&M – I love H&M. The quality is not great, but I always find super cute items for me and for William. The majority of his wardrobe actually comes from H&M and Zara because they last for a long time and I can typically find items that I cannot find anywhere else. They are also having up to 60% off right now.

I did a whole post on my current skincare routine and literally the next day I woke up with a massive zit on my chin and immediately regretted “everything that is currently working for me” because I felt like I was telling a complete lie (not really, but just to be dramatic…). But, I did mention that my face changes drastically from week to week and I do have to regularly switch up what I am doing. Regardless, I just started doing the serum at night every other day and then changed up my toner to help dry out my skin in problem areas – nothing earth shattering but also showcases why I have to be nimble with my routine. Everything I use regularly, some updates and favorites are listed below. Most of which are cheap options from Amazon.

  • Ice roller – I am obsessed with this and not even just for the beauty aspect of it (which I do think it helps), but also if I have a headache this thing is magic. Best $12 I’ve ever spent
  • Serums – Ordinary Brand – try everything, it’s all amazing
    • Rose Serum – this is what I was referring to moving to every other night, but helps so much with dry skin
    • Caffeine Serum – wakes me up in the morning when I’m consistently using it. I believed this worked so much when I first got it I swear I used the whole thing in a month…
    • Retinol – not currently using because I’m pregnant but I liked this when I tried it about a year ago
  • Cleansers – Pretty exclusively use this from Glossier and this from Tula – both are amazing. I also use this cleansing oil after having makeup on all day instead of using a wipe and then cleaning my face
  • Moisturizers – switch these up daily
    • This one is super thin and great to put under makeup
    • This is amazing for day or night but it has retinol in it so I haven’t been using it during pregnancy – if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t even know that but someone told me to stop so I did…
  • Toners
    • This one is almost out, which is what sparked me to try another one
    • This is what I bought to help open up my pores me and help with blemishes – it’s also SUPER cheap and something I have really liked so far – I could see me using this all summer
  • Eye Cream – I wish I had more to share on eye creams but if I’m being completely honest, I use one because the beauty professionals tell me to. BUT, outside of adding moisturizer to a more sensitive area, I feel like the ice roller and a fantastic serum are going to do what you expect an eye cream to do. I would rather have a cooling gel open my eyes in the morning which is why I am currently (and have been) using this one from First Aid Beauty for a while.
  • Masks
    • Sleep-in masks: I will put either one of these on (this one or this one) and sleep in them. Love them both and switch off every other night
    • Sheet masks: these from Amazon on my favorite and a great price -use every third day or so
    • I will use one of these once every other week (this or this) – they are more intense and I hate having to take them off because I feel like my 20 minute mask turns into a 40 minute sit, dry, wait, remove…I just don’t have the patience. Plus, William is scared to death of me in a mask so I have to do it either when I know he won’t be around at all or has already gone to bed
  • Setting Spray: Do you all use a setting spray? I bought one a million years ago when I lived in Chicago – I actually still have it and may or may not still use it. It’s this one and it’s fine…but I often forget to use it and honestly shouldn’t since it’s a good 4 years old. However, I don’t feel like I necessarily see massive benefits…like my makeup isn’t on infinitely longer or anything

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